ICS is an AT&T Network Solution Provider (NSP) and we can provide and support the best in class carrier services for every specific location and every specific service requirement. The primary reason to buy carrier services from ICS is that you never have to deal with the carriers again. Open a ticket with the ICS Help Desk and we support every circuit and service we sell. We will work the issue with the carrier until it is resolved, holding the carrier to the promised SLAs and services. The benefit to your company is that no one has to stay on the phone for hours working with a carrier Help Desk that sends you offshore to work with someone you cannot understand and who cannot understand you. ICS will help you get the best price available for your service mix and then support those services throughout the contract. Think of ICS as your telecommunications consultant. We will assist in the network and dial plan design, contract analysis, procurement, implementation, and optimization of all communications services.






-Dark Fiber 

-Broad Band 






-Spectrum Business-CenturyLink 

-Windstream-Comcast Business 

-WOW Business-Airespring 

-USA Digital-Sierra Wireless 

-Mega Path